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Cool water

My new favorite cup keeps My drinks cold all day and all through the night.

Blvck Paris, you the best!

After using this product for more than a month, it saved my life/phone many times, I have a toddler who constantly takes my phone and plays with it... It's been dropped many times, I'd say it's highly abused lol, you know it's still in good shape, this is a great product and very durable, I highly recommend this. I'll be sharing this product on Facebook. Thanks Blvck Paris


Gifted this hoodie, boyfriend was very pleased. He doesn’t like to share but has no choice till I get my own 😌🤗

Love it!

I love it
Great material. I live the print and everything about this brand. Just don’t put it in the dryer because it can shrink. Other than that, it looks amazing.


I gifted it, he was very happy!

The black is my choice [BLVCK JAPAN]

The black of BLVCK has a few new color in other colors!
The sense that only the person who wore BLVCK can taste is the few splendid result elsewhere!
Thank you for BLVCK!

Blvck Essentials

MacBook Pro | The quality, precision, and sleek design of this skin does not disappoint. The 'Signature Matte Black' looks clean, modern, and recieves plenty of compliments. From start to finish, the BLVCK Paris brand goes beyond expectations and I couldn't be more satisfied with the products - making them part of my everyday essentials.

Rich and Sophisticated

When it comes to online shopping, I never saw an item so well packaged before, I love shopping here and also my laptop has never looked this sexy before, and I bought other case/covers before, thanks blvck paris- I recommend this product, buy a case for your phone too, you will not regret it

Love Love

I was in love when I seen this wallet so I got my man one for Christmas and we both love our Wallets, He didn’t know I was getting such a elegant wallet he had his leather one for 12+ yrs lol quickly threw it away and all his cards fit he fell I love. And when I pull this wallet out I feel some type of cockyness lol




All good. In time. Awesome color and quality. Will order more, tnx.

Absolutely Beautiful.

I love everything about this hoodie, the color, the fit, the material, every single thing they could have gotten right they did. Would buy 100 more 11/10.


A beautiful material felt like it was used through every stitch, I love it:

Just like new

The Blvck skin is easy to apply, very smart looking and has a great tactile touch that doesn't interfere with using my MacBook Air.


Slick Asf

I Love It!

I love how my Macbook Pro looks with BLVCK! I get asked when Apple put out a black MacBook all the time. The top and bottom are easy to fit, however, if you're looking to place BLVCK onto the keyboard portion, you'll definitely need to put in a lot of time. I may just purchase another BLVCK for my older Macbook Pro as well. Highly recommended!

Excellent product

Sleek, clean and very stylish. Easy install and looks great! The shipping didn’t took too long as well. Thanks for the great service and excellent products!

Black Tumbler

i am very satisfied

I’m obsessed

Absolutely nailed the design I’m loving ma tumbler

Oh Boy. It‘s blvck!

Simplistic, enjoyable and pure blvck.
I feel like this is another great and stunning addition to my already dark lifestyle. It couldn‘t be any better - simply happiness amplified.

All Black Everything

Best tumbler in the market

Nice shots Amiel! We're glad you love it!
Blvck Tumbler
Don't wait to order.

The Blvck Tumbler is awesome.
· Magic Soft touch.
· Keep your black tea hot for a long time.
· Look like a luxury item on any table.
· Nice packing* design.

Don't wait, order now. ♥︎

*edition #1 (something new come in few weeks...)


It was a gift for my mother. And I also bought another one for myself, so I was like a couple wallet with my mom. Good quality.

Very nice

Love the Case!

My phone looks awesome, the case protects it well, doesnt show marks. Love it!