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Prevent unwanted scratches and damage to your laptop with our very own MacBook case! This is the PERFECT MacBook case for anyone looking to keep a sleek and stylish profile while at the same time protecting your device in our beautiful matte or jet gloss finish.

Perfect for students, frequent travelers or anybody looking to make their MacBook unique, it's super thin and lightweight; you won't even feel the case on except when you touch the smooth, luxurious, matte or jet gloss black finish.

We take quality very seriously at Blvckshop. That's why our MacBook case offers unrivaled precision to ensure the best and slimmest fit on any MacBook. Our jet gloss and matte black outer finishes perfectly compliment your minimalist style and make a statement on any device!

  • Clean, minimalistic design.
  • Protect your laptop in style from everyday scratches and bumps.
  • Laser precision. Perfectly hugs your MacBook to keep it protected.
  • Super lightweight, thin and durable.

You can contact us at for questions or with the Messenger icon in the bottom right.

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